Our Favorite Restaurants

St. Martin is a food lover's paradise.  For such a small island, St. Martin/Sint Maarten  probably has
the highest concentration of fine restaurants per square mile in the entire Caribbean.   There are over
200 restaurants to choose from, and many provide the finest cuisine motivating visitors to return to
the island again and again.

The French side specializes in European cuisine, mainly French and Italian, as well as Antillean
cooking.  Most of the restaurants on the French side are open air and waterside.     
On the Dutch side you will find a wide spectrum of cooking styles and ethnic food (French, Italian,
American, Mexican, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese).

Reservations are necessary at all of the following restaurants for both lunch and dinner.

Sandy Ground/Nettle Bay

LA CIGALE – Located along the main road in Baie Nettle
(across from Royal Food market), La Cigale is a small
intimate restaurant with a beautiful setting right on
the lagoon.  The food is excellent and the service,
starting with your welcome by owner Olivier, is superb.     
Dinner only.   Ph. 0590-87-90-23

LAYLA’S – Located along the main road in Baie Nettle, Layla’s has a lush tropical setting right on the water.  
Open for lunch every day and dinner, Thursday through Sunday.  The best time to enjoy Layla’s is lunch on Sunday
afternoon.  It’s packed with regulars who spend a lazy afternoon socializing over lunch and wine.   
Ph. 0590-51-00-93

MATI BEACH – Located along the main road in Baie Nettle, Mati Beach has a nice waterside location overlooking
Baie Nettle and out to Marigot.  Food is very good.  Open for lunch and dinner.  Reservations usually aren't
Ph. 0590-87-01-30

LE CHALET--  Located along the main road in Sandy Ground, Le Chalet is a swiss style restaurant that specializes
in Fondue and Raclette (a Swiss specialty).  If you've never had raclette, it's a must try!   The restaurant is easy to
miss, and parking is best across the street at the little market.    Run by Isabelle and Stephanie, there's always a
great time to be had at Le Chalet.
Ph. 0590-27-16-98

LE JAPALA – Located along the main road in Baie Nettle (next door to Royal Food market)  Small local restaurant
that only serves pizza at night.  But some of the best pizza you’ve ever had.  Inexpensive.  No reservations

Marina Royale-Marigot  

Marina Royale is a beautiful marina lined with restaurants, bars, boutiques and art galleries.  Most of the
restaurants are good, but a few stand out.

DAVID’S BAR --  Nice place for a drink before or after dinner.

TROPICANA – Tropicana is one of the island’s consistently best restaurants.  Beautiful setting in the marina.   
Lunch & Dinner
Ph. 0590-87-79-07

LE CHANTECLAIR – Excellent food and beautiful setting.   
Probably the most expensive of the restaurants in the Marina.
Ph. 0590-87-94-60

LA BELLE EPOQUE – Good, reasonably priced bistro.  Even during off-season, there's always a crowd and a good
vibe at La Belle Epoque.
Ph. 0590-87-87-70


LE COLIBRI – Small bakery/restaurant located in the heart of downtown Marigot (just up from Longchamps).  
Great for a pastry/coffee break when shopping in Marigot.

Marigot Waterfront

SARAFINA – Wonderful bakery located on the waterfront in Marigot.  Great for breakfast  (Saturday morning is
market day in Marigot.  Always fun to have breakfast at Sarafina and walk around the waterfront).


LE SAINT SEVERIN– A true French Bistro.  It’s a bit off the average tourist's radar.  It has wonderful food at
reasonable prices.
Ph. 0590-87-97-00

Grand Case

Grand Case is scenic, charming, and spectacular. It is also the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean.  There are about 20
fine restaurants, many with waterfront settings.  Among our favorites:

LA CALIFORNIA – Beautiful setting overlooking
Grand Case beach, California has very good food
and is reasonably priced.
Ph. 0590-87-55-57

LE COTTAGE --  Considered one of the best restaurants in Grand Case,
Le Cottage is not on the water side, but the food and service are excellent.
Ph. 0590-29-03-30

LA NOCHE --  Continental food. Nice looking restaurant.  
Ph. 0590-29-72-89

SPIGA --  Creative Italian Cuisine in a beautifully restored Creole Home.  
Located on the road to the Grand Case airport.
Ph. 0590-52-47-83

LE PRESSOIR -- Set in a wonderful old island house, Le Pressoir graces diners with impeccable food and attentive
Ph. 0590-87-76-62

Mt. Vernon/Cul de Sac

SOL e LUNA --  By far, one of the prettiest, most romantic
restaurants on the island.  Run by Christian & Brigette,
the food is excellent and the setting is spectacular.   
Definitely should make Sol e Luna one of your special
nights.  Located in Mt. Vernon (on the way to Orient).
Ph.  0590-29-08-56

GRAIN DE SEL --  Nice casual family run Italian restaurant that primarily serves a local (Mt. Vernon & Cul de
Sac) crowd.  Reasonably priced with very good food.    **Closed on Saturday & Sunday.
Ph. 0590-29-35-46

Orient Bay

COCO BEACH --  Located on Orient Beach (turn left at the second road inside Le Parc Baie Orient).  Wonderful
restaurant for lunch and a day at the beach.   Has some of the best food on Orient.  Chairs and umbrellas are
available to rent in front of the restaurant.   No reservation necessary.
Ph. 0590-87-34-62

PALM BEACH  -- Located  on Orient Beach , Palm Beach is the newest & hottest beach bar/restaurant.
Again, wonderful food-- and chairs & umbrellas
are available to rent in front of the restaurant.  
They don’t have many chairs, but you can call in
advance and reserve chairs with your lunch reservation.
Owner & chef Koko will prepare your lunch while his
wife Marina tends to your drink needs.
Ph. 0690-35-99-06

CAFE PLANTATION  --  Located at Hotel La Plantation,
beautiful setting and excellent food.  True French cuisine.
Ph.  0590-29-58-05

THE VILLAGE AT ORIENT BAY --  There are several good restaurants for dinner in the Village at Orient
Bay.  Cuisine choices range from French to Italian to Chinese to sushi to American..   If you go without reservations,
there’s plenty of things to do while you wait for a table.

Friar’s Bay

Friar’s Bay is a short drive in from the main road.  It is a beautiful, tranquil beach with two beach bars that also
offer chairs and umbrellas.

FRIAR’S BAY BEACH BAR – Of the two restaurants on the beach, Friar’s Bay Beach Bar is definitely the
better.  Extensive bistro menu and several daily specials.

Pic Paradis

LOTTERIE FARMS --     Located at the foothills of Pic Paradis is a magical place called the Lotterie Farm.
Between 1721 and 1848, it was known as Lotterie Plantation and was renowned for its sugar. Today, original slave
walls still surround the property that once housed 300 slaves. These days, Lotterie Farm is a private nature retreat
that has trails leading to the top of Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island.
It serves superb lunches on the covered terrace overlooking the gardens with towering mango trees. By evening,
diners flock to try its outstanding menu, which has led to it being recognized around the world as one of the most
exciting places to dine in the Caribbean.    Ph. 0590-87-86-16

Dutch Side

All of the restaurants above are on the French side of the island.  While there are some nice restaurants on the
Dutch side, they don’t have same atmosphere-- such as open air dining and beautiful locations on the water--and
they tend to have very stateside feelings about them.

Some of the better restaurants on the Dutch side are La Gondola, Temptation and Rare at the Atlantis Casino, and
Le Moulin Fou and Bajatzu at Maho.  Bliss Lounge (at the Caravansary) is an open air restaurant with a beautiful
setting on the water-- that becomes one of the islands hottest night club scenes late in the evening.   

Our favorites are:
LE MONTMARTRE (located in front of the Atlantis Casino) --  An authentic, elegant Parisienne Brasserie.
Lavishly decorated, excellent food and superb service.    Ph. 00599-545-3939

HALSEY'S (Simpson Bay) --  Located on the lagoon in Simpson Bay, Halsey's is an open air  'floating' restaurant
with a nice ambiance.  The service is friendly and attentive.  The menu is continental and the food is quite good.  
Portions are large-- you can easily share a couple of appetizers for the table.  Ph.  00599.544.2882


Along the Boardwalk in Phillipsburg, the best burgers are at Talula Mangos.  

Most restaurants along the boardwalk in Phillipsburg are not open for dinner.

Pinel Island

Pinel Island, is a tiny island on the north end of St. Martin, 5 minutes off the shores of French Cul de Sac, and a few
hundred yards off the northern end of Orient Bay.
A must see on your visit! It is the place where people on St. Martin/St. Maarten go to relax!   Small water taxis are
waiting there to run you over to the islet for a round-trip fee of five dollars.
Enjoy a wonderful short five minute taxi-boat ride on the pristine and shallow waters for a relaxing day of exploring,
sunbathing, or a picnic on this tropical paradise!

KARIBUNI --  There are three restaurants on Pinel.  By far, the best of the three is Karibuni.  When you get off
the water taxi, walk all the way to your left.  Sit anywhere, but eat at Karibuni.  If you're with a large group, they
have a private table above the restaurant that accommodates 8 people with a beautiful view over the pristine